Who? What? When? Where? We'll tell you!

  • What classes can

    i engage in?

    We routinely offer outstanding classes for women, men, couples, families, youth and children. All kinds of Bible study classes. Short-term studies on various books of the Bible or on different topics that matter to your everyday life, normally 6-8 weeks each, some on Sunday morning and many during the week. Some are DVD-based studies produced by the nation's top teachers. Others are "home-grown" studies we have developed in-house. And we have long-term, home-based fellowship/study groups. And life skills and socially-oriented classes. We do Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Becoming a Foster Parent. Sharing Your Faith. We teach a Membership Class ("Where Do I Fit?"), a Maturing In Christ Class ("What Can I Become?"), a Discovering Your Ministry Class ("Who Can I Help?"), and a Discovering Your Mission Class ("Who Can I Reach?"). And more new classes are always on the way. We also have a Youth/Teens class and a Spanish Bible study class at 10:00 every Sunday morning. 

  • what type of

    life groups can i find?

    An extended variety of groups that evolves continualy. Click HERE for more info. Mostly you could break them down by length of time as: 1) one-time or occasional groups, 2) short-term groups, and 3) long-term groups. Or by purpose as: 1) study groups, 2) prayer groups, or 3) fun and fellowship groups, 4) support groups, or 5) ministry service groups. Or by atmosphere as: 1) fun groups, and 2) serious groups. Or by type of person, as: 1) men's, 2) women's, 3) youth, 4) families, 5) singles 6) college & careers, 7) 55+, 8) Spanish.

    We have groups that go downtown to witness to the lost, groups that meet for a casual dinner to make new friends, prayer groups that pray for the needs of our church and for the nations of the world, Bible study groups that meet in members’ homes, at coffee shops, or at the church, women’s groups, men’s groups, youth groups, fellowship groups that meet long-term to study the Bible and pray together, once-month

    Please keep an eye on the church calendar for upcoming opportunities, or call the church office for more information. 210-254-7876.

  • What About The College And Careers?

    Our FAITH Group (Forsaking All I Trust Him) meets on Friday nights, sometimes at church and sometimes at the leaders' home. We love the Lord, love each other, and we're ON FIRE to change the world!

  • What Is A Normal Church Service Like?

    It's AWESOME! Here's how it goes on a normal Sunday morning ... We start at 9am & 11am with fantastic, enthusiastic, beautiful worship. Many people arrive early for the free hot coffee and healthy-choice snacks, and to chat with an old friend or to make a new one, and many enjoy one of several different 10:00 Bible studies. At 9 & 11 sharp we start by singing a few songs, maybe 15-20 minutes, mostly contemporary Christian music with one of the favorite "classic" Christian songs sprinkled in here and there. We are blessed with an incredibly talented band and beautiful singers to help lead the singing, but we encourage God's children to sing to the Lord with all your hearts, too. Worship is not a "spectator sport"! Then we'll pray for the needs of those who have come, make a few announcements, receive an offering, preach a stirring, helpful, relevant message right from the Bible (the Word of God), and close with a blessing. The kids can stay in church with you during the service if you'd like, but most parents drop their kids off in the KidZone building at the top of the hill, right behind the main sanctuary. A typical service is about 65-70 minutes.

  • What About The Teens?

    We meet Sunday mornings at 10am for our Jr High and Sr High groups, and Wednesday nights at 7pm for free pizza and cold drinks, and at 7:30 for worship, the Word & fun. Click HERE to view the Revival Youth page for more info.

  • What Do You Offer For Babies And Children?

    /ministries/kidzoneWe provide a safe, clean, happy, fun and spiritually nourishing, age-appropriate environment! Everything is sanitized, prayed over and prepared for your children! And for your children's safety, uniformed officers are on duty at all times. On Sunday at 9am & 11am, we read to the younger children and play and do crafts with them, and for the older ones we have children's church, with praise songs and crafts and an awesome, fun, creative lesson using the Bible and the world-renowned "Orange Curriculum" as our guide! We do our very best to provide God's very best for your children. We have well-trained and dedicated children's workers who LOVE and pray for your children! And for nursing mothers there is also a "Happy Baby" room connected to the main sanctuary, where you can sit in privacy in a beautiful, comfortable and dimly lit room and nurse while you watch and listen to the service live with other moms of little ones. Moms and babies only. To learn more about Friendship KidZone, click HERE.

  • Where Do We Take The Children?

    The children meet in the KidZone building. The easiest way to drop off your little ones is to just drive into the main driveway, drive forward towards the rear parking lot, then hang a right and drive past the red canopy-covered entry, turn right again and drive up the hill. Turn right again, go about 50 feet and park in the small drop-off parking lot on your right while you check in your children. Then drive back to the main parking area. Confused? Just ask any one of our friendly Welcome Team hosts. They'll be happy to tell you, show you, or even take you there!

  • Is There A Special Entrance And Parking For Those With Disabilities?

    Yes, please come into the main driveway and drive straight ahead to the rear, then hang a right. Look for the beautiful RED canopy-covered entry - that's the main entrance to the church! Drive past the canopy and turn right. Just before the top of the hill, on your right, there is a special, covered entrance with plenty of parking nearby. Confused? Ask any of our helpful Welcome Team members, and they'll be glad to help!

  • When Do You Meet?

    Church is 9am & 11am Sunday morning. 

    Study groups for Adults, Teens, Spanish & 55-Alive study groups meet Sunday at 10am. 

    Teens & Spanish-speaking groups also meet Weds nite at 7pm. 

    Children meet Sunday mornings at 9am & 11am and also Wednesday at 7pm. 

    Small groups for singles, couples, ladies, men, families and more meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 and also on campus and in homes throughout the week.

  • Where Do We Park?

    Pull into the main driveway and drive straight ahead to the rear, then hang a right. Look for the beautiful RED canopy-covered entry - that's the main entrance to the church! Grab a spot as close to that as you can! Our friendly Courtesy Shuttle driver will also be happy to pick you up at your car and drop you off at the front door!

  • How Should I Dress?

    The first person you see might be a millionaire in a suit and tie. The next person might be a resident of the homeless and transition center. We love and welcome everyone the same! God doesn't look on your clothes or the color of your skin ... He looks on your heart! You will see everyday moms and dads, teens, singles, marrieds, children big and small; people of every age, color, race and kind. Some in coats and ties. Some in jeans and pull-over shirts. Just dress in the way that makes you feel comfortable, remembering we are here to love and worship the Lord with all our hearts, and to love each other as Christ has loved us.

  • Where Are You?

    We like to say "We're on the 281, just north of Bitters and next to Bjorn's". 

    Our address is: 14015 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78232.

  • What About Ministry Outreach Opportunities?

    We routinely minister at the St Jude's Children's Ranch in Bulverde, and we serve at the Haven For Hope homeless shelter downtown, and we bring our special homeless guests to church in a van each Sunday and then take them to lunch "on the house" afterwards. We also serve at the SAMM Ministries Transitional Living & Learning Center, and at Boysville, and build an occasional house for Habitat for Humanity. We stuff shoe boxes with toys for Operation Christmas Child, and buy toys for Angel Tree. We support Pan Am Ministries in Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba, and Compassion Now in Africa. We travel where and when we can to minister side-by-side with those we support. We support World Vision, and Christ For The Nations in Dallas and in Israel. And we support Gospel Radio in Ghana, Africa,  White Stone Ministries Orphanage in Mexico, World Missions Alliance around the world, and He Cares Ministry for poor women right here on our campus. We're open to doing anything and everything we can to help the poor, the lost, the sick, the homeless, unwed mothers, orphans, those in prison, and disadvantaged or hurting people of any kind. We especially love to see people come to find saving faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • What Do You Do Around Here For Fun?

    Now you're talking! At Friendship Church we love to have fun. The same God who gave us tears gave us laughter! And we LOVE to be together and have fun! We do a once-month "Movie-On-The-Wall" (weather permitting) where tons of people come out and watch a family-friendly movie on a giant outdoor screen under the great big Texas stars. Everything's free, including the movie, the popcorn, and drinks. Some folks sit on blankets, others in lawn chairs, others "tail-gate it" out the back of their pickup trucks. However you want to do it, it's a blast! And we have "Birthday Sunday" the 2nd Sunday of each month, where we only slightly embarrass all that month's "birthday babies" ... we make everybody born that month stand up and we sing "Happy Birthday" to you. But to make up for the embarrassment we let you be first-in-line for the birthday cake after church! We do occasional church-wide "pot blessings"where the church provides the main course and everybody brings their favorite dish of food to share ... salads, vegetables, desserts, etc. In the summer time we go tubing on the river (we also always manage to baptize ... seriously, for real ... several folks in the river while we're there!). Or we'll rent a giant pavilion and have a church-wide cook-out, replete with volleyball, horseshoes, frisbees, fishing, swimming or just loafing around, eating and hanging out with new friends and old. We always say that "Friendship Church is a place where New and Old friends love to meet!" More and more fun activities are added constantly.